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The Best Engagement Photography Locations in Miami

The Best Engagement Photography Locations in Miami

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

If you are planning on having a vintage theme, take a look at Gold Coast Railroad Museum for your engagement photography. You can bring different dresses and props if you would like. To really hit a home run with this theme, dress up with some clothing from the era you’d like.

Miami Beach

You can never go wrong with Miami Beach. It is the safest bet for engagement photography, and even the Miami photographers like to work on the beach. Here are some scenes to help pique your creativity:
1. Soaking up the sun together
2. Having a drink from the same glass
3. Stroll on the famous streets around the beach
4. Watching the sunset together
5. Standing in the waves
There are various creative ways in which you can have photos taken in Miami Beach. The natural light from the sun will make your pictures look more attractive and creative.

A Coffee Shop

There are many coffee shops all around Miami. It will be a perfect escape from a hot day or when it is raining. You can have your pictures taken while sharing a cup of tea or coffee. Some suggestions are Panther Coffee in Wynwood, Versailles Bakery on Calle Ocho, or my favorite Miam Cafe in Wynwood as well.

Ranch and Horses

If you want your engagement photography done on the ranch, you only have to drive outside Miami, and you will find various exciting locations with horses. In the pleasant afternoon, it would be perfect for a change. You can enjoy the ride while Miami Photographers do their magic to capture some of the most memorable pictures of you and your partner. You will surely enjoy this session.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

It is one of the best locations located right in the heart of Miami. It is known as one of the hidden gems of Miami and perfect for the nature lovers. You can have the best photos taken in the location in a little artistic and vintage way. The rustic beauty of this special location will make your images look even better.

Nighttime Skyline

For your engagement photography, we have a special location for you. It is none other than Miami at night. No doubt there are lots of cities which look perfect at night but when you are on the beach and Miami photographers capture the beauty of the city behind you, nothing can be more perfect.
Make sure that you select the spot for your engagement photography you are most comfortable with. Have some of the best photos taken which you can use in your album and share with friends.