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Premier Wedding Photography in Miami
Experience the Magic of Leo Photographer:

Elevate your wedding experience with Leo Photographer's artistic vision and creative expertise. From breathtaking landscapes to intimate moments, Leo's photographs evoke emotion and capture the essence of your love story.

Leo Photographer's Expertise
Unforgettable Sweet Fifteen Memories

Create unforgettable memories of your Sweet Fifteen with Leo Photographer's expertise. With his creative vision and professional approach, Leo transforms every moment into a work of art, ensuring your celebration is captured with grace and elegance.

Premier Wedding Photography in Miami
Leo Photographer’s Signature Style

Dive into the world of personalized wedding photography with Leo Photographer. From candid shots to posed portraits, Leo's signature style captures the uniqueness of your relationship, ensuring every image tells your story.

Miami's Premier Photography with Leo
Capturing Sweet Fifteen Moments

Experience the magic of your Sweet Fifteen celebration through Leo Photographer's lens. With a focus on elegance and sophistication, Leo immortalizes every precious moment, ensuring your memories last a lifetime.

Creating Memories with Leo Photographer
Award winning wedding photographer

Discover the passion behind Leo Photographer's lens as he crafts beautiful love stories through his award-winning wedding photography. From intimate moments to grand celebrations, Leo ensures every detail is captured for eternity.

Who we are

Leo Miami Wedding Photographers

Leo photographer is an award winning studio with 20 years of experience in wedding photography and film. We portray life as it is; full of color and emotion. We work with light to create magazine-like images that capture your moments in a timeless way.

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Capture your story in beautiful photographs.

The pictures don't feel staged and cold. They truly captured emotions that speak a thousand words for years to come. I can't recommend them enough!!!

María M

Leo was just great, way behond our expectations, I had warmed him that I was difficult to photograph, he said all brides said that, do not worry, WOW he made our day memorable, everyone loves the photos and we do too.


Our experience with our amazing photographer, Leo, and his team was beyond exceptional! They not only captured every detail of our special day but were also incredibly active throughout the party until the very end of the night.

Yaya T.

Why choose us

Your Story, Our Focus

Discover why Leo Photographer stands out as the top choice for capturing your most precious moments. With years of experience and a passion for perfection, we ensure that every aspect of your event is beautifully preserved for a lifetime.

Personalized Storytelling Approach

At Leo Photographer, every client receives exclusive and personalized attention. We commit to understanding your specific wants and needs to ensure that every detail of your event is captured exceptionally, surpassing expectations at every step of the process.

Artistic Vision and Creative Flair

At Leo Photographer, our artistic vision and creative style stand out from the crowd. Through innovative compositions and a unique focus on visual storytelling, we offer images that transcend the conventional, creating memories that are true works of art.

Comprehensive Pre-Event Planning

At Leo Photographer, we believe in the importance of thorough pre-event planning. We work closely with you to understand your expectations, preferences, and specific requirements, ensuring that we are fully prepared to capture every special moment of your event flawlessly.

Exceptional Customer Service Experience

At Leo Photographer, we take pride in delivering an exceptional customer service experience. From the initial consultation to the final image delivery, we are committed to providing you with friendly, professional, and attentive service that makes you feel valued and cared for at every interaction.

Start planning your Dream Event!

Ready to start planning your dream event? Contact us now to schedule a virtual meeting and take the first step towards making your vision a reality.


Client Feedback.

Dorvil Amaya
Dorvil Amaya
Leo Photographers are very professional and dedicated to provide the best customer service. They deliver beautiful images and very fast. Great quality and personalized service. Thank you for being part of our special day.
Chabely Amo Fernandez
Chabely Amo Fernandez
We had a great experience working with Leo for our wedding pictures in Miami! Since day one he was very communicative answering questions and accommodated all of our requests. The end results were amazing! We loved all of the photos and were very happy with the variety of takes and lighting to capture different moments. Leo is very talented and we would definitely recommend him and his team!
Vic Cowley
Vic Cowley
Extremely satisfied with our wedding photos and his professionalism. He arrived in advance, was well prepared, managed the personalities, and provided us with excellent quality shots. Could not have been better.
Rafael Vögtli
Rafael Vögtli
The photos turned out amazing! Did a shooting with my girlfriend and we loved it. Highly recommend.
Nastya Naz
Nastya Naz
First of all, I want to THANK Leo from the bottom of my heart for myself, and on behalf of my guests. Yes, I was very impressed during my wedding by how Leo worked - he is professional, patient and smooth even though I am not the easiest person to deal with!!! He arrived on time, has been very responsive before and after the wedding and is ready to assist with any questions. I was so impressed when I received my wedding pictures!!! Each and every picture was beautiful and captured the best moments and emotions! My friend texted me: “I am laughing so much while watching those pictures, they are worth a million dollars.” I definitely plan to use Leo’s services going forward, as are so many of my friends. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t do a video! I wish I could change that. The memories are worth every penny. Thank you, Leo! I love the pictures!
Jessica Alison Torres
Jessica Alison Torres
Experiencia maravillosa, Leo y su equipo son super profesionales, ademas de eso nos hicieron sentir muy comodos todo el tiempo. Excelente servicio fotografico.
Shanique Sterling
Shanique Sterling
We had an amazing experience with Leo & his crew from our initial consultation for the engagement photo package through to us deciding to have him & his team also be our photographer & videography team for our wedding. Leo is artistically gifted and committed to doing whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. He took feedback well including any changes that were important to us for our final wedding video and wedding album. It was overall a truly great experience. We are happy we decided to entrust Leo & his team in helping us to capture the beautiful moments of our special day! 10/10 recommend!
Maria Ojeda
Maria Ojeda
Leo and his team are amazing! Their work is impressive to say the least. I planned this wedding in just over 4 mo. with very little time, but they were so great with me and they brought my wedding to life in ways I didn't even imagine. They make the whole process so seemless. My hubby and I don't take many pictures of ourselves but their team made us so comfortable. The pictures don't feel staged and cold. They truly captured emotions that speak a thousand words for years to come. I can't recommend them enough!!!
Carolina Lopez
Carolina Lopez
We had our engagement shoot on a rainy day at a Japanese garden and we had to pause the pause for about 30 minutes and he still got all the shoots we needed and we managed to go through the entirety of the garden as well within our time. And the photos came out beautifully!
Leo Photographers

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leo photographer

When Leo was 12 years old, he got his hands on his first camera. He instantly fell in love. Leo said “What I love the most about my job is that I get to create every day. I capture normal people, regular people. They are not models, they are not actors. They don’t know what to do or how to behave in front of the camera.” He really enjoys helping couples feel good in front of the camera by sharing his passion and educating them about how much they will love the process.

We work with couples to make sure they get beautiful and well thought out photos to keep as a memory forever. On your special day, you’re going to want a Miami wedding photographer that will help you along your journey. Someone to be there by your side to share their experience and knowledge on how to photograph such an important moment in your life. Leo gets to do what he loves and it shines through his photography.

We would love to be there with you through every step of your journey. From that exciting first step towards a new life during your proposal to capturing beautiful photos to showcase to your family and friends. Even in today’s world where we are all interconnected at every moment, it is still tough, especially for those closest to you to be a part of every moment. That’s why we’ll show your love and excitement for one another through these photo sessions.

We’ll work with you on coming up with concepts and ideas for your photos that really put an emphasis on your personality and story. If you’d like to get to know us better before making us your Miami wedding photographer feel free to email or call us. We love meeting new people and getting to tell their story!