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5 Best Wedding Photo Ops: Wedding Photographer in Miami

5 Best Wedding Photo Ops: Wedding Photographer in Miami

Tips From A Wedding Photographer in Miami

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of you and your significant others lives. Photos allow you both to relive that day year after year, decade after decade. You want the best, most love-filled moments to be captured by your photographer during the big event.

From the moment when the bride begins to glam up for her big walk down the aisle, down to the moments when the reception party is coming to a close and everyone begins to head home. Moments like these are unforgettable, but even some of the best memories become foggy over time. Photo’s give us that flashback into that wonderful moment in time. That’s why wedding photographers in Miami plan when they snap each photo down to a science.

Moments Before the First Look Between Bride and Groom:

Per tradition, the bride and groom are not to see each other the day of the wedding, up until that tear-jerking moment when the bride begins her walk down the aisle. This is the moment when the groom, no matter how manly and tough he may appear to be, will more than likely become tearful at the sight of his bride to be walking in his direction.

Vow Exchange:

This is the moment that defines the wedding. When the bride and groom proclaim the depth of their love for each other through the reciting of vows that they have written from the heart. Although a still photograph cannot capture the lines of the vows being spoken between the couple, a well-timed photo speaks a thousand words. That is when the camera is in the right set of hands.

The Kiss:

The big moment that brings tears to the eyes of everyone in the audience. True tears of joy. Who wouldn’t want to be able to relive this moment on future days to come? The couple may exchange kisses on a daily basis after marriage, none that are so powerful as the one they exchanged on the day of their wedding.

The First Dance:

The first dance, also a traditional moment in most weddings, is the first joyous moment the couple has together as a newly married couple. Their “big debut” as some may consider it. This moment is guaranteed to be filled with smiles and loving glances between the newly wedded bride and groom. A moment that you would not want to miss as a wedding photographer in Miami.

Symbolic Objects (Rings, Cake, Bouquet, etc.):

There are certain objects that are unique to weddings and hold strong meaning behind them. Having photographs of these objects, although inanimate, may hold special meaning to the bride and groom. Photographs of the rings that will be worn by the bride and groom or the specially designed cake before the first cut is made, are just a few objects that may allow the bride and groom to re-experience the joyous feelings of their wedding day just by seeing photographs of them later on.

That being said, photographs of the bride and groom making the first cut into the cake and then smashing that piece of cake into each other’s faces make for an unforgettable moment to capture on camera as well.  This photo op is a moment during a wedding where laughter and joy are shared in volumes between the newlyweds. Definitely not a moment that a photographer would want to miss out on.

This Team of Wedding Photographers in Miami Will Guide You Through The Process

There are infinite moments during a wedding ceremony that could be captured on camera by a wedding photographer in Miami. There are a few though, that a wedding photographer in Miami should really try not to miss. For these special moments may hold the most significant amount of emotion for the bride and groom when they one day look back through their wedding albums and re-live the most joyous day of their lives together.