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Most Popular Wedding Venues Miami

When it comes to tying the knot, Miami offers stunning venues that cater to a variety of tastes and styles. From historic estates and botanical gardens to luxurious hotels, here are some of the most po wedding venues in Miami that promise to make your special day unforgettable.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a top choice for couples seeking a romantic and historic setting. This European-inspired estate boasts exquisite gardens, fountains, and breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay. Its blend of Renaissance architecture and lush tropical landscape provides a fairytale backdrop that makes every wedding a truly magical experience.

Built in the early 20th century, Vizcaya’s main house and formal gardens offer a glimpse into a grand past. The estate’s intricate architecture and vintage decor create a timeless ambiance.

The gardens are adorned with statues, fountains, and secret corners perfect for intimate photo sessions. The lush greenery and serene ambiance provide a picturesque setting for both the ceremony and reception.

The estate’s location on Biscayne Bay means beautiful waterfront views, especially during sunset, providing an unforgettable backdrop for your wedding photos.

When it comes to your wedding photos, Vizcaya offers a multitude of scenic spots to capture the romance and grandeur of the day. From the grand staircase to the lush gardens, every corner of Vizcaya is photo-worthy.

Deering Estate

Deering Estate offers a blend of historical charm and natural beauty with its bayfront location and historic buildings. This 444-acre estate features lush gardens, hardwood hammocks, and stunning views of Biscayne Bay. Deering Estate provides a serene and picturesque setting, perfect for couples looking to combine history with nature.

The estate features historic buildings dating back to the early 1900s, including the Stone House and the Richmond Cottage. These buildings offer a charming and rustic backdrop for wedding photos.

The expansive grounds include mangroves, tropical hardwood hammocks, and beautiful gardens. This natural beauty provides diverse settings for outdoor ceremonies and photography.

The estate’s location on the edge of Biscayne Bay offers spectacular views, particularly at sunset, creating a romantic and serene atmosphere.

Deering Estate offers a variety of backdrops, from historic architecture to natural landscapes, ensuring a diverse and visually stunning wedding portfolio.

The Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore Hotel is an iconic venue known for its grand architecture and luxurious amenities. This historic hotel features elegant ballrooms, stunning courtyards, and lush gardens, making it a classic choice for a sophisticated wedding. Its timeless charm and opulent setting ensure a grand and memorable celebration.

The Biltmore’s grandiose architecture, including its iconic tower, offers a stunning and historic backdrop for wedding photos. The hotel’s Mediterranean style adds an element of elegance and sophistication.

The hotel’s ballrooms, adorned with crystal chandeliers and opulent decor, provide a luxurious setting for receptions. The grandeur of these spaces makes them perfect for capturing formal and elegant wedding photos.

The hotel’s beautifully landscaped courtyards and gardens offer a romantic and serene setting for outdoor ceremonies and photos. The lush greenery and historic fountains add to the charm of the venue.

Its stunning architecture, elegant interiors, and beautiful outdoor spaces, provide endless photo opportunities.

National Hotel

The National Hotel is a prime venue for a stylish and sophisticated wedding celebration. Known for its historic Art Deco architecture, the hotel features a stunning pool deck and beautiful ocean views. The National Hotel offers various indoor and outdoor event spaces, including a ballroom and a tropical garden, providing multiple options for both the ceremony and reception. Its luxurious accommodations and personalized service ensure that your wedding will be a classic and unforgettable affair.

The National’s Art Deco design adds a touch of vintage glamour to your wedding. The historic architecture and stylish decor create a unique and sophisticated atmosphere.

The hotel’s iconic 205-foot-long infinity pool is a highlight, providing a chic and glamorous setting for wedding photos and receptions. The pool area, with its lush palm trees and ocean views, is perfect for capturing Miami’s tropical elegance.

Located on Miami Beach, the National offers stunning ocean views that provide a breathtaking backdrop for ceremonies and photos. The proximity to the beach allows for beautiful, sun-soaked images.

The National Hotel offers a mix of vintage elegance and tropical beauty, making it an ideal venue for capturing stylish and sophisticated wedding photos.

Miami’s wedding venues cater to every couple’s vision, from historic and romantic to modern and chic.Your venue is the backdrop to your entire wedding. When choosing yours, make sure that it aligns with your photography vision.


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